To calculate cost estimates for a project, I measure its dimensions (in square feet) and multiply by the per-square-foot prices given below:

  • Walls: $100 per square foot of vertical face + $80 per square foot of cap surface area.
  • Walkways and Patios (flagging): $80 per square foot of surface area
  • Steps: $150 per square foot of tread surface + $100 per square foot of risers and other vertical surfaces.
  • Cobble/pebble/mosaic (small stone) work: $300-500 per square foot, depending on size of stones.

Actual costs for individual projects can be affected by variables such as the particulars of the design and the site (such as its size, accessibility, and possible drainage issues), the distance of the site from my home, the amount of time spent in the design and planning phases, materials used, proximity to delicate plants or structures, weather conditions, and/or frequency of meetings and correspondence with clients or other collaborators.